Apex Legends Season 06 Boosted TRAILER

Ahead of the upcoming release of Apex Legends' Season 06 Boosted, announced for Aug 18 2020, developer Respawn Entertainment has released a 'first-look' at what's in store for us in-game...

The new trailer feautures the new character Rampart, a weapons-modder, inseperable from her sidekick, Sheila - a mobile turret gun, which appears to be an interesting addition to game.

Everything you need to know about the much-teased Rampart can be read about on the Apex Legends Wiki, and if you missed the series of teaser tweets from the official game twitter account throughout early August - they're linked here too.

But the new Legend isn't the only thing to premiere in this trailer...

No, sir. A new crafting system appears in the gameplay showcase which sparks interest into how streamline the process of crafting your own weapon from a terminal, in the midst of a battle royale, is going to be. I, for one, don't enjoy the thought of being blind from combat for any amount of time, but from the trailer, it appears to be pretty slick and could be a nice option to have if loot becomes difficult to come by.

Check it out!

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