Baldur's Gate III Early Access Delayed By 1 Week

Developer Larian Studios have announced another bleak delay to add to this year's ever-growing list of delayed releases...but you only have to wait an extra week.

In a tweet from Larian, the game's developer outlined that the week delay for the Early Access version of the game, now accessible on Oct 6, is due to 'unexpected delays', presumably due to the ongoing viral threat the world is facing, which is understandable. What's more is that the delay will only be an extra week, rendering the bad news a moot point; what's a week between friends?

Regardless, Larian has also detailed other reasons for the delay:

"We still have some stability issues we're sifting through.......we want to ensure localisation for the announced Eary Access languages is strong enough for our international fans to have a good time."

Basically, unexpected delays and issues with stability have pushed its 7 language remit testing regime onto the back burner but will only take up a little extra time. Not a problem, we want them to get it right, right? I'd say yes, take all the time you need as this is one of our most anticipated games of 2020.

On the back of the tweet we can now see the minimum PC requirements to play the game ahead of its release on each place of sale (Steam & Stadia):

Now, time for the good news...the short of it? - you can have sex on BG3!

Larian's Community update went into detail on Sept 23 on the character relationships aspect of the game, shown in the video above. They expressed that they didn't want the mystery of your character to end or disappear after you customise your avatar and stated that they wanted the player to continuously develop and 'discover yourself' throughout the game beyond this initial creation point.

Based on the choices you make you are destined to craft your character's personality as you progress, but not only that, your actions and dialogue choices will dictate the relationships you build or destroy within your band of valiant companions. With this, comes the ability to spurn deep relationships within your group that flourish on a romantic level as well, which, in itself, is an enticing prospect...not that the cinematic insights we've already had weren't enough to put us on the edge of implosion!

Time to get STEAMY!

Troy, out.

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