Latest Call of Duty Game is BLACK OPS: Cold War *UPDATE*

The next Call of Duty game is called Black Ops: Cold War and was teased through widespread sharing of a video named 'Know Your History' posted on the Call of Duty official YouTube channel on Aug 19, that follows the sinister words of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.

Accompanying the ominous monologue from Yuri about how to destabilise a nation and reform it against the people is real footage from a past of civil unrest during the Cold War. The words are a warning to the American people, of something called 'Active Measures', a long-game technique used to reshape a country's infrastructure and economy, and gives a very clear indication on the context of the game.

Although the name of the new game had leaked a few months ago, Activision has been continuing to drop teasers ever since by various means: one of which is this trailer; mystery 'drop boxes' or crates containing promotional items being sent to streamers, reporters and various websites from Activision; random glitch messages appearing almost subliminally to Warzone players in-game showing the words 'KNOW YOUR HISTORY' in Russian script; a nuclear warhead being found by players in Verdansk (on Warzone)...to mention a few.

Another clue from the Call of Duty official YouTube channel comes from the caption of the video posted above:

The caption bluntly drops a location and a date; Verdansk, Aug 26 and hints at an upcoming worldwide reveal on this date - stay tuned to SkyPunk for updates on this.

The video sparks anticipation in Call of Duty fans whilst not giving much away aside from maybe a possible background to the story. What will the game look like? Will the game be set in the Cold War era? - SkyPunk Media certainly hopes so.


New artwork for the next Black Ops title has now been released and it's a surprising change to the norm...

We can also expect an official gameplay showcase at the reveal, Aug 26!

Troy, out.

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