CODBO Cold War Gameplay LEAKED!

The official reveal of multiplayer mode on the next game in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, COLD WAR, is purportedly set for next week (Sept 9) and fans spirits are tense as they scour the net for every little detail of the title, in the hope of new information.

Their prayers have since been answered, albeit temporarily, with leaked footage through twitch - which has been posted in a number of places and gained significant traction on the web. Fans will have to be fast, though, in order to catch a glimpse of the footage as Activision appears to be working relentlessly to have the content removed from the vast digital ocean, including Reddit and YouTube.

The quality of the leaked twitch stream rips range from bad to worse but gives players some indication as to what the movement and atmosphere are going to be like. The footage takes place on a ViceCity-esque map set in a 1980's Miami, so we are already sold (predictable) and showcased a VIP Escort game mode where one team is tasked with escorting an NPC to an extraction point with an antagonist team working against them.

SkyPunk has made many attempts at linking you to some of the footage to no avail.

Aside from Treyarch's direction of a choice-driven campaign, which is tantalising in itself, it's the multiplayer aspect that players are hungry for, so when confirmation that the game runs on the Modern Warfare engine (with a crap-ton of updates and extra attributes) as opposed to the old Black Ops engine hit the news, it was heralded by the community as a relief.

Be sure to call back at SkyPunk on Sept 9 for information from the official multiplayer reveal!

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