Dr Disrespect Breaks Silence After Twitch Ban

On the 26th of June 2020, fans awoke to find that one of their favourite Twitch streamers had vanished from the popular and dominant streaming platform 'Twitch'.

For THREE weeks neither the platform nor Dr Disrespect had made an official announcement over the permanent ban that had been placed on him. All his chat emotes had disappeared and all his subscribers have had their subscriptions cancelled and refunded to their accounts.

It's not unusual to see a twitch ban as most streamers receive a 1-4 week ban for breaking any terms and conditions which can include nudity on stream, racism, abuse, the list goes on. But never have we seen any streamers subscriptions be refunded and even more so, no explanation was given to the ban.

The Doc is no stranger to receiving a ban himself, as at E3 2019 he managed to get himself banned from the platform for two weeks for live streaming at the event and having the camera crew follow him into the restroom which is an invasion of privacy and against Twitch's terms and conditions. He saw this as an opportunity to take some time off and work on revamping his character to make a big comeback.

He had previously made a massive comeback in February 2018 after taking a few months off for family reasons, his return saw him reach 388,000 concurrent viewers which almost took the record from Tyler1 which stands at 410,000.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he will be making a return again to the platform to try and beat his previous record, as in his recent interview with 'PC Gamer' the doc said he would never return to Twitch. He also states that he still has no idea why he was banned and Twitch has pretty much cut him off without a word.

There's no sign of Twitch taking legal proceedings against him which leaves us to presume it isn't as bad as some of the theories and accusations are getting thrown around online. Which again Doc shrugs off after saying he has seen everything and has no interest in taking part in the theories around him. After questioned if the ban was related to him talking about conspiracies around COVID-19 and 5G networks, his publicist quickly cut the Doc off from replying.

Dr Disrespect stated that his team is in talks about starting legal proceedings against twitch which could be for damages and loss of earnings. With the interviewer pushing hard for answers, it's obvious the Doc doesn't want to say anything which could damage his relationship with Twitch more or ruin anything brought up in court. We have to remember that this is his career on the line and a lot of money involved with this type of work if it were me I wouldn't want to to put all that in danger just because the internet is wanting to know the in's and outs.


Dr Disrespect says he is not done and will return, as they have already begun work on revamping his character again, labelled as 'DOC 3.0'. It is not yet known which platform he will turn to or if he will launch on his own website, he says all the cards are on the table.

Let's be happy about this one thing though... Dr Disrespect will return, pumped with Violence, Speed & Momentum.

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