February 2021 PS Plus Games

The latest PS Plus games have been announced for February, here we dive into the 3 games that Sony has offered up for its PS Plus subscribers:

Control: Jesse Faden, the games main protagonist, arrives at the Federal Bureau of Control in search of her brother, it is here she is chosen to become the Director of the FBC. Jesse soon discovers that this building and its interior is like nothing she could have imagined. After a breach from an unknown enemy, Jesse must explore the oldest house, come to terms with her new role, as well as her ever-increasing powers, if she is to find her brother and stop this attack. The game is a third-person action-adventure from Remedy Entertainment – the studio that brought you, Alan Wake.

Concrete Genie: Ash, a young boy from the small town of Denska, who is getting bullied, has his notebook with his drawings stolen and ripped up by the bullies then scattered across this small town. In Denska, a deserted and polluted town, Ash finds a magic paintbrush on his journey to recover his notebook pages, and he soon discovers that it can bring his creations to life. Join Ash on his journey to recover what was stolen from him, clean up his polluted town, and overcome the bullies that have troubled Ash for long enough. Concrete Genie is an action-adventure game from Pixelopus, the game also comes with PSVR support allowing you to play the game in two unique ways.

Destruction AllStars: A vehicular combat game, that firmly puts you in the driving seat, as one of the 16 controllable superstars. Put your skills to the test in the arena with four game modes, whether you are wreaking havoc in your vehicle or on foot displaying your immense parkour skills, as you seek out to destroy your opponents on the battlefield. Each character has abilities to master and unique hero vehicles to run riot in. Destruction AllStars is an online multiplayer game by Lucid Games. The game will take full advantage of PS5’s Game Help feature to help players get to grips with mastering the AllStars.

All these games will be available to add to your library from Tuesday 2nd of February, even if you feel these games are not for you, it is always worthwhile adding them to your collection as they are free with the subscription, and one day you never know, you may want to try them out.

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