Firewatch To Make It To The Big Screen?

The critically-acclaimed game Firewatch has been heralded by the Hollywood Reporter, on Aug 17th 2020, to be in development with indie film studio Snoot Entertainment (known for titles such as 'Blindspotting' and 'Little Monsters, to name but a few) for a feature-length adaptation.

Released in February of 2016, the game has since gone on to see 2.5 million copies sold worldwide and received high praise from all corners of the industry for its individuality. After production of the film adaptation by Good Universe fell to the wayside when the company was absorbed by Lionsgate, hopes for the game's journey to the big screen were extinguished...until now.

Jess Wu Calder and Keith Calder are named as producers for the feature with Snoot Entertainment, along with Cissy Jones, the voice actress for Delilah, earmarked on IMDB's Firewatch (announced) page to actually play Delilah in the feature. Whether this is valid with Snoot Entertainment or not, will be revealed in due course, as the last update to the page was April 2017, suggesting that this was the case when Good Universe held the torch.

Let's hope Snoot can pull off converting this stunning work of art into a feature film.

Don't know much about the game? - check out our review here.

Stay tuned to SkyPunk for the latest updates.

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