Grand Theft Auto VI Confirmed as Vice City?

A very exciting day and a strong start to a new week. Has TakeTwo Games (the parent company of Rockstar Games) just confirmed that GTA VI will be set in Vice City?

Re-watch this classic opening and feel the nostalgia run through your veins

Only a few months ago there were supposed leaks of Rockstar taking us back to our first true gaming experience set in the 80's, playing as "Tommy Vercetti" running around doing missions to get out of trouble with the law and building your own criminal empire whilst taking over the city, in a very Scarface inspired way. It was an instant hit and my favourite Grand Theft Auto of that generation, For a lot of people I know, San Andrea's hit the spot. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the hell out of that title, but being a massive fan of the 80's era, movies and music, Vice City definitely stole my heart.

Back to the leaks, a strong source which previously leaked numerous upcoming updates of the ever-popular 'GTA online'-From GTA V. Stated he had inside information that the new long-awaited GTA would be back all dolled up, set in Vice City. Also, a synthwave artist 'Vector Hold' had reported that Rockstar Games had reached out to him and multiple artists about using their music in a game. The final leak was a popular user on Reddit, claiming it would be set in an unseen part of Vice City not included in the 2006 PS2 version and that it's not stated to be set in the 80's as the timing of the universe has yet to be revealed, also claiming the game with be announced in 2021.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Vice City (PlayStation 2 2006)

Now we've had a little catch-up, the latest news hot from this morning is that TakeTwo Games have updated the website domains for gtavicecityonline.com and gtavi.com. This pretty much confirms that the new title is what we all were expecting and hoping for. Our last hope is that they return to the 80's which I highly expect them to, it made the game great and I would love to see this next generation of games help push how big this game is going to be and look. This could very well overtake my excitement over CyberPunk 2077 but if an announcement isn't due until next year then we have some time to wait, and hopefully, this news will push TakeTwo or Rockstar to announce early. Whatever happens, we hope you're as excited as we are.

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