JETT: The Far Shore - SURPRISE! Delayed.

As per the announcement trend this year, yet another game is delayed. This time, JETT: The Far Shore, our polygon-rich, monochrome sci-fi epic was the victim.

Originally announced back in June 2020, the game showed promise of an interesting plot with a unique overlay, as seen in the trailer below. Not much was to be gleaned with respect to gameplay or anything for that matter, but it was enough to invoke intrigue into our sci-fi emblazoned souls.

On Sept 18, developer Superbrothers tweeted that the game would be delayed until 2021 due to 'hectic times' and added:

"...we've revised our trajectory. It'll be stellar when it alights."

No indication of a date in 2021 was given, which means that they are giving themselves a substantial buffer in case things don't go to plan development-wise, but we are hoping that we'll see a release, or at the very least an announcement, in the first quarter.

One good thing for Superbrothers, I suppose, is that they can kill a few birds with one stone and release for PS4, PS5 and PC in one fell swoop.

Troy, out.

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