JOE ROGAN "Video Games Are A Problem!"

Joe Rogan, one of the worlds biggest comedians and creator of yet again, one of the worlds biggest podcasts, has recently hit out at gamers and it hasn't gone down well with the gaming community and even faced backlash from people in professional gaming.

Joe hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the internet where he interviews numerous famous people and also fighters in the UFC, which he also commentates on. He recently signed an exclusivity contract with Spotify which could make him one of the highest-paid podcast hosts out there, as Spotify continues to market their platform to be the number one home for podcasts online.

In one of his recent episodes whilst interviewing 'Joe De Sena' who is a fitness guru, the pair start discussing how you start building a career in whatever you're interested and invested in doing. They talk about how kids can end up playing video games and goes on to say "Video games are a real problem. You know why? because they are ****ing fun!" at which Joe De Sena, also adds "They're addictive". Rogan also continues to say "You do them, they're fun...But you don't get anywhere"

The clip below shows the whole segment

uploaded by his own channel *JRE CLIPS*

He continues to talk about how you can spend years learning martial arts and eventually become professional in that, or open your own martial arts school. Quickly followed by saying, if you're a kid playing video games then in a few years time you could still be that kid sat playing video games and never make it big.

NINJA REACTS TO JOE ROGAN "Joe, Doesn't really understand"

On the internet, this clip has generated a lot of heat between gamers, YouTubers and streamers. One of the biggest streamers at the moment 'Ninja' posted a short 2-minute video response which is below. He says how Rogan is mainly talking about the top 1% or so of gamers who actually become professional, he goes on to say that "Joe, doesn't really understand in full context, what the gaming community really is and how many avenues of which you can be successful in gaming".

NINJA RESPONSE TO JOE ROGAN https://twitter.com/i/status/1287537235743723523

It is true there are many different ways to be involved in a career in gaming which doesn't involve having to be good at the game. There's streaming, commentating, coaching, managing, hosting at the events. The list of jobs associated with gaming goes on as the professional side of gaming continues to snowball year by year.

As with a lot of other things, the majority of gamers are just there to enjoy their games as their own entertainment. Just as anyone can do with joining a local sports team or literally anything as a hobby that they enjoy. Just because you go play basketball, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to make it to be a professional, so could this also be labelled as a waste of time?

personally, like with anything, if you see an opportunity and a chance to be something you really want to be, then take it. Some people get lucky, some people work really hard to make it in whatever profession and some people work really hard and don't achieve what they set out to.

As Joe states, some people might be wasting their time playing games for 10+ hours a day in hopes to make it big, maybe they will and maybe they won't. What I really think has struck gamers nerves is that it appears he is placing a label on the whole community which has led to a lot of other big names in the industry calling him out.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section, interested to see your take on it.

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