Microsoft Confirms Series X Price And Reveals Finance Options

Just one day after Microsoft confirmed the price of the Xbox series S, they have come forward and revealed the price for the Series X. £449 and the S model coming in at £249 making this next-generation very appealing to consumers, especially when you bring the GamePass into play alongside. Rumours are that Sony may reveal their prices today, very exciting to see where their digital and physical playstation 5 consoles will come at.

On top of this, through GAME and Smyths toys, consumers will be able to get the new xbox on a finance option, yet again making the next generation more accessible for everyone, here are the prices below.

Xbox Series S + Xbox GamePass Ultimate = £20.99 a month for 24 months - Total Cost £503.76

Xbox Series X + Xbox GamePass Ultimate = £28.99 a month for 24 months - Total Cost £695.76

Pre-orders will begin on the 22nd of September and both consoles will officially launch on the 10th of November

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