Microsoft Officially Announce Xbox Series S Model Along With Price

The leaks for the next-gen consoles are still going strong and it appears that one of them which appeared online in the early hours of this morning, hit the nail on the head. Microsoft shortly released a tweet after the leak which suggested their plans had been outed, so naturally, instead of swimming against the current, Microsoft made the choice to officially announce their Series S model and the price tag along with it.

Below is the leaked image followed by Microsoft's tweet which followed

Microsoft's response to the leak whilst amusing also increased the authenticity of the leak and with no choices left, they were forced to show their hand probably earlier than they had wished. Although the did confirm the Xbox Series S price, we are still awaiting confirmation of the Series X price, thoughts are that they will hold off in hopes they can still gain an advantage over Sony's next-gen PlayStation 5 prices.

So it's official and the UK price is set at £249 which is mind-blowing considering that their current consoles are still way above that price. The Series S is around 60% smaller than the series X and is the smallest Xbox to be released. The S model is fully digital but still a very powerful processor, an ultra-fast hard drive, a less powerful GPU than the series X but that's to be expected from a £250 console.

Microsoft promises to give more detailed information soon, hopefully, including the price of the series X, this early price release will have Sony planning their final prices and marketing strategies, expecting a lot more next-gen news over the next few weeks, stay posted on SkyPunk!

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