Microsoft's Flight Simulator: Biggest Launch On PC GamePass! 2nd Patch On Its Way!

Flight Simulator 2020 was released only two weeks ago, In that time it has managed to secure over 1 million players on the Xbox GamePass on PC, making it the biggest launching game on the service. Seeing as this was my first ever flight simulator, I never knew the following for the franchise was so large and happy to report that I'm yet to grow tired of it. The big question is, how well would the game have done if it weren't featured in the low costing service, would game sales have skyrocketed? I believe this approach seems to be the clear winner as players can slowly make small purchases through the in-game marketplace to boost their overall game experience if they invest numerous hours into the game.

This week also saw the launch of the 1st major patch for the simulator, which vowed to fix installation/update issues people may face with the game. Also fixing random crashes when connecting and disconnecting peripherals from your computer, which was frustrating when your controller battery died and you tried to reconnect it to the game. I've seen peoples game crash randomly whilst flying for more than 3 and 4 hours, glad to see they are addressing the issues. It appears their dedication to supporting the game is not slowing down, they've just announced that the 2nd patch for the game is in its final stages and focuses more on game-play. Hopefully, this aims to fix some of the bugs within some of the plane's systems, maybe even add more cockpit buttons to be more functional.

With the size of this project which is over 2 million GB which I mentioned in my first 20 hours of game-play review, It's clear that Microsoft plans to keep updates flowing for this title for years to come and be the main platform for flight simulator fans. I'm excited for when the next handful of patches drop and when I can finally get the chance to purchase a joystick and throttle set, as they're all still out of stock.

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