Microsoft xCloud Goes Live Sept 15 - With 150 Xbox GAMES!

Want games from your Xbox Game Pass subscription on your mobile device? - you got it!

Microsoft's game streaming service project, xCloud, will go live tomorrow (Sept 15) across the globe and brings with it 150 games as part of Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft initially quoted that 100+ games would be available on the streaming service, but has now revealed that a 150 deep list of exclusives and titles will be at your feet from day one.

xCloud actually boasts some pretty huge asks - such as cloud save support allowing you to continue playing a game you have saved on Xbox or PC whilst out and about, and multiplayer crossplay with PC or console players dependent on individual game support for that feature. All I can say is, let's hope their servers can cut the mustard.

xCloud will be completely free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and will be available as an app to be downloaded on your mobile devices (Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store). If you're an Apple device user, I wouldn't hold out for this service any time soon - Apple's newly updated policies, created to open up cloud-based gaming into their remit have provoked a statement from Microsoft stating that the policy changes "create a bad experience for customers" and thus the service will not be available from the Apple's App Store.

If you are an Android user and have Game Pass Ultimate already, be sure to get xCloud installed tomorrow (Sept 15) and make good use of the new service!

Troy, out.

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