MrGolds Caught Cheating On Warzone

One of the biggest things that is frowned upon playing video games, especially in online multiplayer, is cheating. Foreign streamer 'MrGolds' was caught out cheating playing warzone, whilst trying to brag about how good he was at the game, saying things like "Have you ever seen anyone play like me!?" On his stream, it's easy to see the 'Engine Owning' application behind his windows task manager, which is cheating software popular for games such as Call Of Duty. The highly amusing and embarrassing clip is below.

Clip posted by FUHRREER

After he got caught out for cheating, he then claimed he wasn't but twitch didn't see it that way and have since removed his account, cheating is against the company's T&C's

MrGold's channel cannot be found

Cheating has remained a massive issue in all online games, mainly online shooters where people can activate aim bots and wall hacks. They're able to lock on to an enemy head instantly and even see players through walls, although you are supposed to be able to hide it from the stream, one good example of when this goes wrong was around 3 years ago with streamer 'MissQGemini', where you can quite obviously see her activate the cheat module and then continue to use it whilst it bugged out and revealed onscreen the enemy positions. Even more, entertaining on the clip, once she gets called out, she insists that her friend installed it and keeps shouting her name and apparently messaging her.

The clip is below and WARNING as it contains strong language

Clip posted by barklyCSGO

This will always raise the question if some of your favourite streamers actually have raw talent or if they're actually using cheat software. Companies are always doing their best to ban cheaters and have anti-cheat programs in place to detect them but sometimes they can't get them all.

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