Next No Man's Sky Update - ORIGINS - To Arrive Imminently

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games is staying true to their word by keeping its colossal fanbase engaged and providing regular updates to its keystone game. With an ever-growing community comes a high demand for new content and vital updates to mechanics, gameplay and environment, and Hello Games are consistently delivering on all accounts.

In their announcement on Sept 18, Hello games reiterated the fact that they are constantly working to better themselves and serve the community by updating the game and user experience. They mention that this new update labelled 'ORIGINS' carries the same statement as FOUNDATION did four years ago:

"...it won't be our largest update, but it is the start of something..."

Since FOUNDATION, we've had all sorts of enhancements including CROSSPLAY and a few themed updates, the most recent being DESOLATION where you get to explore the remains of abandoned freighters rife with infestation and valuable salvage.

If you were privy to those early updates (Foundation), you will be all too aware of the size of the patches and the scale in which they reshaped the game and if ORIGINS is to be likened to these early mammoth-changes, then we better brace ourselves for something worth talking about on our Discord servers.

If ORIGINS is to be the start of something new in No Man's Sky, then we will most definitely be receiving a steady flow of subsequent updates under the same name which will hopefully evolve the game and its particulars further.

Little more is said in the announcement other than we should expect the patch notes to follow, detailing exactly what we are going to get in the week to come!

Troy, out.

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