No Man's Sky's ORIGINS Patch Is HERE!

ORIGIN's patch for Hello Games' sci-fi epic No Man's Sky has arrived today and brings with it some great visual enhancements to its already vibrant and mesmerising procedurally-generated environments...but that's not all.

Staying true to the predictions we made previously, Hello Games seem to have given us the start of something fantastic and much-needed in our beloved space-faring game, No Man's Sky - what appears to be an overhaul of its environment amongst other delightful extras.

From the patch notes, we can see that the update ushers in new assets into its database for its algorithm to snatch at when creating worlds and adding textures. Some of the enhancements include:

  • New planets - adding millions to its already expansive universe

  • Deeper, more satisfying landscapes

  • New flora and fauna - new plants and strange aliens to set your eyes upon including the addition of insect life (or even wild synthetic lifeforms)

  • More detailed cloud systems and variety

  • New weather aspects - including cyclones

  • Addition of swamps & marshes

  • A refresh of the user interface - more crisp at first glance

  • A fresh colour pallette - adding more vibrance to its colour mix

  • New lighting conditions - broadening each planet's atmospheric ambience

  • Enhanced terrain detail

In addition to these visual enhancements, that only make the game more immersive, is the way Hello Games have addressed other areas of the game; they have upgraded the teleport system so that it is consistent to the one on the Space Anomaly and provides more information about target destinations.

Some more interesting aspects that Hello Games has injected in this update gives way to an ultimate foundation point of the overhaul, massively expanding the variety and intrigue the game incites into its players.

For example, they have introduced Vocanoes which are active due to procedurally-generated tectonic disruption; improved the way storms interact with the planet's surface and particulars etc; interplanetary gravitational anomolies making atmospheric flight more interesting; meteor showers which can be seen from the ground and that actually enter atmospheres and land; lightning storms which can strike the player.

What's more is they have introduced other more tangible measures which directly affect the player such as:

  • New items and more streamlined crafting

  • Addition of Exploration Guide - detailing local info

  • Lifting of portal interference - allowing players to explore portals without restriction.

  • More multitool upgrades

This colossal update (Update 3.0 Origins) comes as a breath of fresh air for the game and follows in the trend Hello Games have created but continually upgrading the user experience in No Man's Sky. The size of the overhaul shows that the developer has started from the ground and worked up through the layers of the game and we can see just how impactive the update is already.

Read all the patch notes for more details.

Also referenced in the announcement, Hello Games stated that Origins is going to be the start of something, and what a huge start it is. We can expect more areas of the game to receive enhancement as time goes on but for now, let's enjoy this magnificent gift. Update installing as we speak.

You can buy and play No Man's Sky on PS4, Xbox & PC.

Troy, out.

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