Origin Is Out, EA Desktop Is In!

With the announcement of the Origin Access subscription service getting a rebrand as EA Play a few weeks ago, we are now slapped with another rebrand token from Electronic Arts.

Origin platform and the launcher will no longer exist in this reality going forward. No. EA Desktop App is the new software from EA as they double down on its rebrand tactics.

It does look pretty sweet and fresh though, does it not?

Senior vice president Mike Blank issued this statement about their intentions with the rebrand & overhaul:

“to create a more frictionless, fast, socially-oriented experience for our players”.

The statement boasts promises of a faster service which will be an immediate improvement on Origin's ultimately poor reputation for speed and functionality.

In and amongst EA's colossal rebrand and overhaul of services and outlets is their blatant nicey-nicey approach with their associations - EA play subs service being introduced to Steam to keep Steam-dwellers happy, and also injecting it straight into Xbox Game Pass free of charge, which is a huge play to gain subs dependent on their contract particulars with Microsoft.

Check out their current game remit here.

Troy, out.

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