Pikuniku is FREE on Epic Games Until The 8th Of October

Need a break from intense FPS's or cerebrally-heavy RPG gaming?

Pikuniku is here to disentangle those knots of frustration with its super-friendly side-scroller adventure and a story full of life lessons and lighthearted comedy.

This is something my 7 yr old daughter loves to play, being chockablock full of stimulating colours, easy controls and a side-scrolling map full of easy-moderate puzzles that engage the mind - in a relaxing sort of way.

Don't misunderstand me, though, this is enjoyable for people of all ages. I loved the game to completion and cherished the heartfelt undertones the game portrays, for example, friendship offered by strangers is a theme carried throughout.

hmm, maybe a review? - I'll think about it.

From now until the 8th of October you can grab Pikuniku free on Epic Games and use it to de-stress! Grab it now to keep.

Troy, out.

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