Shroud, The Return

Shroud (Michael Grzesiek)

This week is nothing but action packed in the world of streaming, Dr Disrespect made his long awaited return, breaking records. Now, the king of FPS games has also announced his return! Shroud, the ex-pro Cloud 9 player for Counter-strike: Global Offensive has also remained dark these last few weeks, ever since Microsoft dissolved their streaming platform 'MIXER' and sold it to Facebook Gaming. This ended the exclusivity deal that Microsoft had with top streamers Shroud and Ninja, leaving them with a nice lump sum for their short time working there.

After Mixer vanished... So did Shroud, then over the past 2 weeks he left cryptic visual videos on his twitter which sparked rumour of his return to streaming? or Professional E-sports? It appears he's sticking to his statement about not making his way back to jam packed arenas in the competitive gaming world BUT is making his way back to our screens. The big question was always going to be Twitch? YouTube? Facebook? or his own platform? with his latest video announcement below, he makes his choice clear and it's also been revealed that it will be an exclusive contract with the platform.


It appears Shroud has gone back and signed with Twitch exclusively, Will he be able to take a shot at the record only just set by Dr Disrespect at 510,000? What Shroud might lack in stream production and not having his very own character to play with, he makes up for with his inhuman gaming abilities in first-person shooter games. Arguably has the best aim seen, even dominating current CSGO professionals in casual skirmishes, we have certainly missed watching Shroud's godlike abilities and look forward to seeing him again.

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