The Last Of Us Part II - Dividing Fans - Online Harassment

The long awaited sequel to 2013's 'The Last Of Us' has hit Playstation 4 consoles around the world. Most critics gave the game top scores on pre-release along with many popular YouTubers and streamers which managed to get hold of a review copy from Naughty Dog.

A large majority of gamers and fans though seem to be giving the game the exact opposite treatment to the critics, as soon as the metacritic site opened up for public reviews for TLOU2 (The Last Of Us Part II) at midnight, the site was instantly flooded with 0/10 scores and a lot of angry comments left in the reviews. This had been seen coming for a long time since the leaks for the games story and characters had released a month before release, and to this day the anger within some gamers still holds strong. If you look at any post online which mentions the game at all, you will easily find negative comments which to me sounds like they really need to take a day off.

For me personally, the leaks I was exposed to only made me more excited for the games release, showing Naughty Dog are fearless with their vision of this apocalyptic world. Since the leaks the game and developers have seen an endless wall of abuse hurdling towards them with no signs to an end. The mixed opinions of fans which praise the game and call it a masterpiece are endlessly in conflict with fans calling the game a tragedy, resulting in certain YouTubers and reviewers holding back from showing their feelings of the game in fear of backlash.

I for one do not fear this as my personal review of the game will be published on SkyPunk media in the upcoming day or two, along with my long awaited podcast review which is currently in editing due to some recent technical difficulties.

I love certain aspects of the game and i also dislike other parts, but more about that in the review. To think that some people are giving this game a 0/10 and not taking anything positive away from playing the game just shows the level of anger they have.

Everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinion of the game have their say on the game but to hurl abuse at developers on social media is out of order. Even worse is the abuse directed towards one of the character voice actors 'Laura Bailey',

who recently posted screenshots of her twitter inbox full with death threats against her and her family. This is the time we really need to step back as a species and see the difference between a story and a world built in someones head to tell a story and the difference with real life.

As gamers and consumers, we should be discussing our thoughts and opinions on games and enjoying that. Not having people who work hard on these games live in fear and have to consider if they will return to working in the gaming industry.

If you hate or love the game, we all need to appreciate the work thateveryone has put in to creating the TLOU2, as its easy to see they've poured their heart and soul into creating content.

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