Warzone Season 5 Is Here!

One of the biggest Battle Royale games out at the moment is Call Of Duty Warzone, although you might need over 200GB free to install the game and regular large updates... it's worth it.

Now, Season 5 is here! check out this new trailer and information below

Looks like it's time to get the squad back together, season 5 adds the biggest update to warzone since its release! I'm still waiting to get my boots on the ground since this new update is in such demand that Blizzard's download servers are overwhelmed and it's not looking like I will get to bring the pain until tomorrow.

That doesn't stop me from looking at the game-changing features added to help keep (in my opinion) the 'best' Battle Royale out there feeling fresh. The long rumoured train is now about to leave the station, following a track around main parts of the massive battleground. The train is open and full of loot which you can guarantee everyone will be parachuting towards first thing because I know I will be, gotta drop hot for that adrenaline rush!

It appears the train track will even cut through some streets and roads so make sure you keep an eye out for the locomotive when you're next pinned down in a firefight, might be surprised with how you meet your demise.

The stadium is now open for business, although you won't need to purchase a ticket for entry... well, for now, don't want to be giving Activision any more monetisation ideas do we. The glass roof has been destroyed and doors are now open, battle in the stands or on the field, this is sure to be one of the main action points of the map and more than likely littered with high tier loot. Would be amazing to take part in a final fight in the middle of the stadium with only a small safe zone to work with.

Finally, we have roof accession systems, unfortunately, these won't be an item or piece of gear you can use to quickly scale buildings, but it's the next best thing. Some large buildings around the map will have the systems already in place, no more having to run up 30 flights of stairs, and no more safe haven for them pesky rooftop campers!

Finally, we have newly added operators and a couple of maps for the standard Call Of Duty multiplayer game modes.

Now you're hopefully as fired up as we are to gear up and drop-in, Let's hope you have better luck on downloading the patch before we do. Kick some ass or join me in the Gulag, see you there.

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