Will Cyberpunk 2077 Receive Free DLC?

One of the biggest questions for Cyberpunk finally finds an answer! The Witcher 3 featured 2 large paid DLC's but also included numerous small free content for players. It appears that CD Projekt Red will be keeping up with the same structure, which is amazing new for gamers everywhere. The news comes from a comical response from the official Cyberpunk twitter as seen below.

I don't suspect they would struggle on selling any DLC at all, they could even pull off the famous horse armour content and get away with it (Unlike Bethesda). But to hear that we will receive numerous small free updates to keep the content flowing will keep us more than satisfied. The anticipation for this game is reaching a whole new level and will be the perfect uplift to a tough 2020, think we can all agree we need this.

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