Xbox Series S Will Not Run Xbox One X Enhanced Games

If you're like me, then you probably had to read the headline twice to get a vague understanding on what Microsoft have announced about their smaller and cheaper next-gen the 'Xbox Series S' model. Thanks to the experts at the Xbox divisions marketing team or whoever is making this confusing web of console names, I will break it down and simply tell you what is meant by their latest announcement.

In the current generation of Xbox we have two different Xbox One console models, we have the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. Now the Xbox One X is a much higher powered version of the One S model (not to get confused with Series X). The One X model can play Xbox One games with enhanced framerates and graphics. Now the next-gen Xbox consoles will support backwards compatibility BUT the Series S model will only be able to run the Xbox One S version of Xbox One games, whilst the Series X will be able to run the One X enhanced version of Xbox One games.

Even when explained it still appears difficult to follow, so here's a simple diagram for the console compatibility:

Xbox One S games ---> Xbox Series S

Xbox One X Enhanced games ---> Xbox Series X

Now as the Series S is a very cheap model and you maybe slightly gutted you won't receive the enhanced version of the previous. Well, the console will be taking advantage of it's latest hardware, offering minor visual improvements and thanks to the new SSD's, loading times will drop to mere seconds.

Stay tuned at SkyPunk for further Next-Gen updates

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